16 Mar 2020, 15:06

The Weekly Diary which was sent out last night was prepared prior to the broadcast on the COVID-19 pandemic by our State President, Cyril Ramaphosa.  It was our sincere hope that we would be able to continue to offer the facilities and programmes we as runners enjoy so much, inviting club members to decide for themselves if they wished to participate or not.

However, after discussion, the Club Committee feels it is imperative that we heed the call of our State President and, for the next 30 days at least, introduce a “new normal” to our lifestyle and to take responsibility not only for our own health but that of the community in which we live as well.  It has therefore been decided that all club activities will be cancelled for 30 days.  The Couch to 10km programme is suspended, the social event for 4 April is postponed and there will be no Time Trial on a Thursday evening.  It is our hope that Time Trial will resume on 16 April, and we will communicate via our database and the various Whatsapp groups to either confirm a joyous celebration of running that evening, or to postpone further, should that be necessary.

This does not mean however, that we have to stop running!  If you wish to continue your training please do so in small groups at times that are convenient to you.  If members of the Couch to 10km programme wish to continue their run/walk regime please feel free to contact other members of your group and make suitable arrangements.  Above all else, take care of yourselves, observe the common hygiene routines with diligence and be sensible about not running with the sniffles or cough that we runners often ignore!

Yours in running

The Committee