Weekly Diary

Weekly diary for week 28 of 2020

Hi everybody, keeping warm and safe?

Strange weather, Saturday  beautiful clear crisp morning, a bit chilly and then Sunday morning, wet yet again.


Good weather  continues for cross country running. Last week there were 34 out running, some on a wet Saturday

but most on a calm Sunday. There were a few new faces (names) to this “ run your own “ cross country.

The actual cross country season would come to an end in the beginning of August. Therefore a few weekends have been

added to this,  plus a “run your own” cross country challenge on 1st and 2nd August. Details to follow shortly.

The additional dates are 18 and 19 July, 25 and 26 July. Hoping to see a few more new names.


The 2020 Two Oceans t-shirts and buffs will be available during this week, the club is arranging to have them

collected. Details on how they will be distributed will be made known shortly.

All entrants to the 58km, 21km and trail runs will receive a buff. Entrants to the 58km  and the trail runs will receive a t-shirt as well.

If you ordered and paid for a (21km)- t-shirt, you will receive that as well.

Western Province Virtual Race Walking Event

Western Province Athletics has arranged a virtual race walking event on Sat. 11 July.

Starting at any time from 07h00 – 10.00  walk distances from 10km,5km and 3 to 1km.

10km for the open / masters category, 5km family/16 and older + novices, 3km -1km boys and girls-/ 14 and younger starting  from 08h00 -10h00

Walk wherever suits you but no RUNNING. Strollers are allowed with the family.

You will need to register with “events@wpathletics.co.za “ by 9 July by 16h00

Submit results to “events@wpathletics .co.za “ on 12 July by 17h00

Provide proof for Strava  and Garmin.  There are no costs are involved.

Muse Magazine

The Muse Magazine is a community magazine for Pinelands and surrounds. Due to Covid it is no longer available in hard copy, only online.

The July edition features how Pinelands Athletic Club members took up the challenge of the Comrades Virtual Run.

It also features Ruth Leverton and her Comrades Legends 90km run on Comrades day in the streets of Pinelands.

There are also stories from Damian Will, Lionel Abrahams and Unathi Solora on their epic runs over 90km on Comrades Day.

Results of Time Trial/Cross Country and Wanna Be runs.

These results can be found on the club’s website under “for the record” soon after the events.

If you want to be in the results you need to submit them as instructed and timorously.

“Wanna Be” and Time Trial to Lee-ann  0722742111

Alternative for time trial results is = https://forms.gle/biaBbCW2zQGp1VVc8

Cross Country to Kaare at 0724448082

There were 57 participants for the “Wanna Be”  Eerste River 15km last week.

The “Wanna Be” run this week is BONTEHEUWELL 10km  – Saturday or Sunday – your choice.

Birthdays this week

6 July  = Michael Duncan / Madeleine Scheppening

7 July  = Mthunzi Rubuluza / Shante Phillips

8 July  = Sue Johns / Kumbirai Bvuma

10 July  = Susan Schnetler

12 July  = Michael Archer