Adam & Eve Competition

Athletes who have the MOST “RACE MILEAGE” in the year will receive an award at the annual prize giving in December.

Events entered on the 1st January through to 30 November are eligible.

“Race mileage” is classified as an event that you have had to pay for and where there are official auditable results for each athlete, including cross country, off-road events and walking events.

Results from the Western Province races are used (for WPA registered events) so we can track your mileage locally. However, if you choose to run an event out of the area or off-road, the onus will be on you, the athlete, to let us know about the event and prove your participation by providing an official result document within 30 days of the event.

The Committee has the final decision on mileage claimed.

Summary of rules:

  • Events must be paid for and entered on the 1st January through to 30 November
  • Events must be timed
  • Official auditable results must be provided for each athlete
  • An official result document or link to the results page must be provided for off-road, walking, and out-of-area events within 30 days

Awards are subject to the Pinelands Athletic Club Awards Policy.

Good luck all of you who intend to participate in this competition.

For further details please contact the committee.