Cross Country


Club Incentive Awards

  • To qualify for our Club Incentive members need to participate in 6 of the 7 Cross Country Events. (There are 6 League Events and the WPA Cross Country Championship Event to choose from).  We would, however, like to encourage our members to participate in the WPA Cross Country Championship Event as one of their qualifying events, as we close the Cross Country season at this event with special eats and drinks.
  • To qualify for the WPA Incentive members need to participate in 5 of the League Events, the WPA Championships are NOT included for the WPA Incentive.
  • Club Members are encouraged to participate in the same event at each Cross Country League, this makes it easier to check results and to keep track of the number of events participated in. However, for both our Club Incentive and the WPA Incentive any event participated in will count. Please check our club results, which will be available at the club on the Thursday prior to each league and at league events.  If your name is not in the results please inform Nancy Will ASAP in order for her to query the omission with the WPA Cross Country Commission to rectify the results.
  • Official Club kit must be worn at all League Events. Last year we won many of the Team positions!! – in order to be part of a winning team club kit must be worn and Category Tags in the Master Events.
  • All Members participating in the Master’s Categories MUST please wear age category tags (available at the club) i.e. 30 tags if your age is between 30 and 34, 35 tags if your age is between 35 and 39, 40 tags if your age is between 40 and 44, 45 tags if your age is between 45 and 49,50 tags if your age is between 50 and 54, 55 tags if your age is between 55 and 59, 60 tags if your age is between 60 and 64, 65 tags if your age is between 65 and 69, 70 tags if your age is between 70 and 74, 75 tags if you age is between 75 and 79 and 80 tags if you are 80 or older, on the front and back of their running vests above the license number, it can be to the side of the license number.
  • On arrival at the Cross Country Venue, at each event, member’s must please ensure that their names have been ticked/or added to our register which will be at our tent. And enter for their particular event at the WPA Entry Tables.
  • Bring your own liquid refreshments to Cross Country Events. Most venues do have cooldrinks on sale.
  • Snacks (energy sweets, crunchies and chips) will be provided by the club for our participating members. Members are welcome to add to the snacks at the events.

Typical League Programme

An alternative program will be followed in case of very bad weather

Time Event Distance
11:00am Boys and Girls 8 years 1km
11:10 Boys and Girls  9/10 years 2km
11:30 Boys and Girls 11 years 3km
11:50 Boys and Girls 12 years
Girls 13 years + LSen
12:10pm Boys 13 years
Girls  U18 + LSen
12:35 Boys and Girls 15 years + LSen 4km
13:00 Boys U/18
Girls U/20 + LSen
Master Men 60+   (60 years and older)
13:30 Boys U/20
Master Men        (35 – 59 years)
14:15 Senior Men and Women 10km
15:15 Master Women   (35 years and older) 4km
15:45 Senior Men and Women
Mob Race

Please refer to the WPA website, or contact the Pinelands Athletic Club’s Cross Country convenor for more information.