Time Trials

The club time trial is run over a 5km route starting from the clubhouse on a Thursday evening at 18h00.  Visitors are welcome!  The course is flat and fast and runs through the streets of the Pinelands along Forest Drive towards Old Mutual and back again.

There is also a 2.5km route for anyone who wants to do the shorter distance.

Walkers are welcome as we love to have everybody there!!

We cater for our younger runners by having a shorter 4 lap course around the 2 Oval fields to keep them off the roads.

Afterwards a light snack is sold and members are encouraged to bring their families for an evening out.  There are spot prizes on offer each week.

We use a barcode timing system for our Thursday time trials.  Every runner must have and run with a barcode that will be scanned at the finish to determine finishing time.  No barcode No result No exceptions.

Park Run members can use their Park Run barcodes.  Simply email your name, email address and Park Run ID to timetrial@pinelandsathleticclub.co.za.
    Otherwise, please register by emailing your name and email address to timetrial@pinelandsathleticclub.co.za, and a Pinelands Athletic Club barcode will be issued to you.  Please print and laminate, or put in a firm plastic name tag holder.  Print on good quality paper with a high print quality, and do not fold, mark or cut into the barcode.  Electronic pictures on cell phones cannot be scanned.

Remember to bring your barcode with you and to have it ready as you cross the finish line so that your time is accurate.

Regular Time Trial participants can track progress here.