Weekly Program

Safety First

Please wear REFLECTIVE GEAR when running after dark!
And ladies, DO NOT RUN ALONE – Rather phone another club member to join you.

Please see the WPA Run Safe Campaign leaflet which serves to inform & remind all runners of safety measures to be taken when training in the dark (early morning and/or at night), on your own and/or in a remote area.

Morning Program

Runs of varying distances are run every weekday morning, starting from the BP Garage in Forest Drive at 05h15. Please don’t park in front of the shop at the BP.

There is a slower group which starts at about the same time.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Weekend
Distance 9 Km 12 Km 12 Km 9 Km 10 Km Varied
Destination Mostert’s Mill UCT Sports Centre Woolsack Sandown Road UCT Rose Garden Arranged on Thursday

“I wear red socks” group runs take place on Fridays at 05h45.

Evening Program

Evening runs take place on Monday and Wednesday, starting at 18h00 from the clubhouse.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Weekend
Distance 10 Km 11 Km
Destination Pinelands UCT

Time trials take place on Thursday evenings, starting from the Clubhouse.