Cross Country

Incentive awards:

Any athlete who completes 6 of the 8 league races IN THEIR AGE / DISTANCE CATEGORY PLUS THE WPACC CHAMPS will receive a Western Province incentive. The club incentive is exactly the same, but you do not have to compete in the same age or distance every time. You just have to complete any 6 of 8 events PLUS the Champs.

See the WPA Fixtures for the year.

Please contact the Pinelands Athletic Club’s Cross Country convenor for more information.


Typical League Programme

Time Event Distance
11:00 U/8 Boys and Girls 1km
11:10 U/9 – U/10 Boys and Girls 2km
11:30 U/11 Boys and Girls 3km
11:50 U/12 Boys and Girls and U/13 Girls 3km
12:10 U/13 Boys and U/18 Girls 4km
12:35 U/15 Boys and Girls 4km
13:00 U/18 Boys and U/20 Girls 6km
13:30 Master Women – All categories 4km
14:00 Mob Race / Senior Men and Women 4km
14:30 Master Men – All categories / U/20 Boys 8km
15:10 Senior Women / Senior Men 10km